Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Just Need A Little TLC (tender loving chair)

When it comes to designing an event space, believe me, a chair is not just something for your guests to sit on. The chair is an intricate part of the overall design. Let’s face it--a chair is not just a piece of furniture when it comes to events. It is THE furniture. If you think about it, there are usually more chairs in the room than anything else, including the tables!

Fortunately, the event industry has done a remarkable job creating fantastic chairs in a plethora of styles and colors. Therefore, it is pertinent to always consider how the chair fits into the scheme of things. as well as the linens, fabrics and flowers. In fact, the chair is actually where I typically begin my designing proces.

If I know the budget requires using a chair that is provided by the facility, then that will guide me in selecting the appropriate linens and colors that will best accompany it. Or, if there is a specific theme or environmental atmosphere that we are trying to achieve, I will first focus on what chairs will work best. Especially since there are so many styles and at different price points. The cost of the chairs has to be figured into the overall budget, and if a more expensive chair is necessary to achieve the desired design, then that may requiring the budget in other areas.

Of course, consideration has to be given to the demographics of the guest lists and how long guests will be seated in the chair for the evening. I have to be honest, some chairs are just more comfortable than others; older folks who will be sitting for a long period of time would be happier with a nice cushioned seat. And, the younger, hip crowd can be perfectly happy with bar-height stools.

Don’t ever be afraid to mix it up a bit. Treat your event space like your home by using a variety of different chairs: different styles, colors, shapes, heights, etc. This will add a lot more drama and interest, as well. And it can be a great way to balance the budget by incorporating some chairs that may be a little pricey with others that are more $$ friendly.

Here are some of my favorites:

The “Chameleon” chair comes in silver, gold and bronze, and with a variety of different color seat cushions. Speaking of cushions…this one has a 6” thick pad which makes it great for long evening of sitting!

The “fushion” chair is brand new on the market and perfect for the modern, high-fashion party that wants to make a statement. They currently come with the top piece in the green pictured here or in a vibrant red and clear. The seat and legs are all white on each.

Don’t limit the seating possibilities to just traditional chairs either! Lounge seating is all the rage nowadays and there are so many options out there. This ottoman, in chocolate (seen here), black or white and can be paired with matching side chairs and corner chairs to create an entire living room! They are very adaptable and comfy!

The classic Chivari, in a variety of colors and finishes is by far the most popular of all rental chairs. Here we have paired it with a custom, rounded banquet. We built these banquets with 4’ tall backs that assist in creating “dividers” in the space(s) no matter where we use them! The height and size of the banquettes make a big impact in the overall design of the event. A fantastic example of where to use only a few of them which adds a club-feel to the environment, and then complete the rest of the seating with a less expensive investment.

“Valencia” is another fabulous chair that not only is great to sit in and comfortable on the back, but has a clean, slick look. AT first glance our instinct might be to use this with only a “South Miami” or “LA” inspired style. However, I believe this chair can put a cool spin on a more traditional designed table setting. If you are looking for a way to express the “new south” then here is a way to achieve that!

The same can be true for the clear chair commonly referred to as the “ghost” chair. This piece of furniture will practically disappear - so pair it with dramatic linens that will make your statement in the room! Go for linen covered in sequins or a pure white fabric that has luxury written all over it…this chair is edgy, fashion forward, couture. Need I say more?

Don’t overlook or underestimate the chair. It is has a much more to offer than just a place to sit. Remember, there are usually more chairs in the room than anything else. They will be noticed!


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